Are camcorders still useful? I say yes

Yes, you read it right. I still believe camcorders are useful. Let me try to prove my point here. It is true that camcorders have lost their huge market share to Smartphones and high-end digital cameras. But, in view, they still hold an upper hand as far as the quality of the videos is concerned.


With the recent invention of 4K, camcorders are trying to come back with a bang. You can get the sharpest quality videos using 4K camcorders. No Smartphone is able to provide you with such video clarity. The quality of video shot using 4K camcorders is incredible.

One of the greatest advantage I feel when using a camcorder with 4K revolution is that it has the ability to crop the frame without compromising on quality or clarity. I was able to add zoom, tilts, and pan by simply changing the position of the cropping. I was able to make my videos look as if they were taken work of a  professional cinematographer.

I always believed that the quality of videos a camcorder can deliver when compared to Smartphones and digital cameras is high. DSLR has shutter problems that can make your video look awful when there is too much of panning involved. In my opinion, high-end camcorders are capable of recording high-quality videos better than any other DLSR can do right now. As I have been using both camcorders and Smartphones for taking video, I am of the view that camcorders have more options to record videos compared to Smartphones. If, however you’d rather spend your money on a smartphone with a great camera, you should check out this guide.


For those who care about the quality of the audio when recording videos, the audio quality you will get using camcorders is higher when compared to the audio quality available in Smartphones and DLSRs. My camcorder has a built-in stereo microphone that helps in recording quality audio.

If you are passionate about shooting like a documentary, a short film, or an interview, camcorders will give you better quality in your video assignments. The auto-focus option of the camcorder helps to shoot videos especially when it is moving the frame. Also, the ability to handle auto exposure is an advantage I have noticed in a camcorder.

Last but not the least, why I still believe camcorders are here to stay, is because of its whopping memory. We have camcorders from Sony that offer 220 GB internal hard drive for recording high-quality videos. No Smartphone or DSLR as of today can beat that. So, if you ask me are camcorders still useful? My answer would be “Yes”.