What should you look for in a new baby crib

A sleeping baby never remains at one place snugly in her cozy blanket. She is sure to move around even while sleeping deeply. For this reason, every parent must get a crib before the baby arrives.


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A crib is the safest place for your baby when you are not around, and she is playing or sleeping. You can place her favorite toys and let her play in her crib, without worrying about a fall. Since we are talking about a piece of furniture for a baby, there are certain features that you must look into your purchase. For more info on regulations, you can read this article.

Materials used in the construction

When you think of a crib, I am sure you will think of a wooden crib. There are many other variations in materials like aluminium, Polyethylene and Polypropylene frames. The wooden cribs are durable and comfortable but are heavy to move and a bit difficult to set up. The cribs with aluminium or polyethylene frames are lightweight and easy to install, but may not be highly durable.  Whatever crib you find comfortable for your baby just ensure that the bars must be smooth and well-finished. You will never want your baby to get scratched or bruised with sharp edges or some protruding joint.


Height adjustability

A crib with height adjustability feature is a good option. If your baby is sleeping or playing then you would want the maximum height and when you are around and want to pick baby from crib without bending, you can do so easily by raising the base of the crib. Just check that  adjusting the height should be easy with a lever or handle.


Mattress Padding  

Check carefully for the mattress and its padding. It must be soft, quilted and thick so that the baby feels comfortable. It must be cotton based and synthetic because it will not be good for baby’s soft skin.


Removable side frame

Getting a crib with removable side frame is always an advantage for a mother. If you want to change a nappy or give a sponge bath to the baby, removing the side frame will give you ease of access to do your work.


Other accessories

Additional accessories with the crib will add to the comfort of the baby. A net, few colorful soft hanging toys in a wheeled crib is more than welcome companions with a standard crib.


Do not consider purchasing a crib for your bundle of joy, a routine chore. You have to pay a close attention to its details and quality, so that your baby gets the best sleep and play time, just like the love you shower on her.

Don’t know how to choose a vacuum cleaner? Read my advice

Keeping your home clean and dirt free can be daunting as well as a thankless job. Nobody will appreciate the efforts that go into this seemingly routine task. But with the right set of appliances you can relax and even enjoy the cleaning chores. Among the essential appliances, a vacuum cleaner leads the race with the flexible cleaning options and quick and long lasting results in keeping your home spick and span.


If you still haven’t still got this essential tool in your home cleaning kit, then read along here to make a wise first choice among the countless options available.

Corded or cordless


The vacuum cleaners come in two varieties corded or cordless. You can get a corded in case you have a large house to live in since it works on electricity and need to be plugged to use for long duration. You will definitely need a cordless one if you have a limited space to clean that works fine when the appliance runs on the battery.

Suction adjustability


The cleaning tasks that you do are not same in nature so they can be done by applying different levels of suction and save the battery or electricity. You must purchase a vacuum cleaner that provides you the ability to set the suction levels according to the cleaning you are going to do.

Kind of cleaning


The vacuum cleaner you need depends on the kind of cleaning work your house has. If you don’t have the babies or pets at home a standard vacuum cleaner will be sufficient. It will do the regular cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other regular suction tasks. For a home with kids or pets get a turbo powered vacuum cleaner which is capable of cleaning the heavy mess.

Additional attachments


You will need a number of attachments and heads suiting the cleaning task in hand. To capture dust collected on shelves and niches near roof you will need a long and pointed nozzle. To clean the curtains you have to attach the long brush shaped head. To clean floor a wider nozzle will be the best bet. Check the number of attachments and their use. Don’t pay for anything fancy and appealing which is not needed by you.



A bulky and heavy vacuum cleaner will be difficult to operate, but you have to trade-off between the power and the weight. A powerful vacuum cleaner is heavy in weight but if you get a lightweight vacuum cleaner it will be good for a limited set of light vacuuming jobs.

How to find a good mattress?

A mattress is an essential item for peaceful nights and refreshing mornings. You should be able differentiate between a good and bad mattress, so that you can make the right choice. Mattresses can be compared on a number of criteria. Here the most important factors are summed up to make this exhaustive task easier for you.


Types of mattresses

If your back is the most problematic part of your body, then you should look for an orthopedic or medically designed mattress. You can also discuss with an Orthopedician to get the right mattress that gives optimum support to your sensitive back. If you have no medical issues to care for, then get the normal mattress suiting your comfort.



A comfortable mattress is the one which adjusts to your back posture and gives it a complete support while sleeping. The mattress should have soft lining to be safe for any kind of skin. It must be well-quilted to give you the rest you need.


Coils and springs

Definitely you will not be able to open the mattress and check these features, but your touch can tell you a lot. By touching with hand and pressing a little you can check the softness and quality of coil used in making the mattress. By sitting on different parts of the mattress you can get an idea about the evenness of springs. For more details about this aspect you can check the printed specifications of the mattress or this video.



Carrying and changing the mattress can be very tiresome if you have a heavy mattress. You may wish to vacuum and turnover the mattress frequently. Getting a heavy mattress will be a big problem so my advice is to get a mattress that you can manage single handedly.

Trust the brands

Rely on the manufacturers for whom mattresses means business – here is a list. If a specific brand is tried and tested and a lot of people you know have been using that product, then you must trust their experience.

Take time to research

Mattress is an investment that plays a significant role in your comfort and relaxation. So, before spending your money, research the market thoroughly to know where you should invest it to reap the maximum benefits. Consider all your options and you must go to the extent of lying down on the mattress to know it completely. If you have shortlisted a few, read their reviews on online shopping portals.


A mattress is the best partner to live a comfortable life. Select this partner after a good deal of deliberation. Cheerio!