My guide for getting a point and shoot camera

I am not a photographer and I do not have good photography skills. But I do love taking pictures when going out with my family and on special occasions at home. It was only recently when I decided to buy a point and shoot camera. Just like me, there will be a number of people who wish to buy a point and shoot camera that meets their requirements. So, I decided to prepare a guide that will help people like me to buy the right point and shoot camera.


The picture above features the Sony RX100, one of the most appreciated cameras.

When buying a point and shoot camera, you need to understand that there is more to a picture than a megapixel. Most people when buying a camera check for the megapixel count, but the truth that I discovered while doing my research is that more megapixels do not increase the quality of the picture.  The benefits of megapixels are seen only when we take large sized copies of pictures, which most of us never do.


Sensor size is more important than the megapixel metric. In most point and shoot cameras, the sensor size is smaller compared to D-SLR cameras.

raf7Another point I considered when buying my point and shoot camera is the focal length of the lens. Most of the time manufacturers use the zoom factor for marketing but never mention about the focal length of the lens. The value of the focal length means the field view that the camera can cover. You can get the high-end point and shoot camera that can cover between 28 and140mm, a normal point, and shoot camera covers 28mm. if you are ready to spend some more dollars, you can get cameras with a focal length up to 35mm promising better shooting experience.

Checking features and size is a good exercise. I always wanted a camera that is easy to carry around and can be held in one hand. But you should not go for a tiny camera. I find it really difficult to operate the tiny buttons and complicate to use. Depending on the size of your hand, you can decide the size.


Another important factor I looked for when I decided to purchase my point to shoot camera is the quality of the LCD monitor. In my view, it is one of the essential points to consider when buying a camera as we will be looking at the screen to frame and review the photo. Ability to take photos under less light is also something I considered when buying my point to shoot camera.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 and Canon Powershot SX530 HS are two good options that met my requirements and I decided to go for Sony Cyber-Shot as it is much easier to carry around compared to Canon.

Don’t know how to choose a vacuum cleaner? Read my advice

Keeping your home clean and dirt free can be daunting as well as a thankless job. Nobody will appreciate the efforts that go into this seemingly routine task. But with the right set of appliances you can relax and even enjoy the cleaning chores. Among the essential appliances, a vacuum cleaner leads the race with the flexible cleaning options and quick and long lasting results in keeping your home spick and span.


If you still haven’t still got this essential tool in your home cleaning kit, then read along here to make a wise first choice among the countless options available.

Corded or cordless


The vacuum cleaners come in two varieties corded or cordless. You can get a corded in case you have a large house to live in since it works on electricity and need to be plugged to use for long duration. You will definitely need a cordless one if you have a limited space to clean that works fine when the appliance runs on the battery.

Suction adjustability


The cleaning tasks that you do are not same in nature so they can be done by applying different levels of suction and save the battery or electricity. You must purchase a vacuum cleaner that provides you the ability to set the suction levels according to the cleaning you are going to do.

Kind of cleaning


The vacuum cleaner you need depends on the kind of cleaning work your house has. If you don’t have the babies or pets at home a standard vacuum cleaner will be sufficient. It will do the regular cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other regular suction tasks. For a home with kids or pets get a turbo powered vacuum cleaner which is capable of cleaning the heavy mess.

Additional attachments


You will need a number of attachments and heads suiting the cleaning task in hand. To capture dust collected on shelves and niches near roof you will need a long and pointed nozzle. To clean the curtains you have to attach the long brush shaped head. To clean floor a wider nozzle will be the best bet. Check the number of attachments and their use. Don’t pay for anything fancy and appealing which is not needed by you.



A bulky and heavy vacuum cleaner will be difficult to operate, but you have to trade-off between the power and the weight. A powerful vacuum cleaner is heavy in weight but if you get a lightweight vacuum cleaner it will be good for a limited set of light vacuuming jobs.

My tips for buying a radar detector

A radar detector usage is one of the most debated questions all over the world. The reason is obvious. It opposes the law enforcement agencies or traffic control devices that force the speeding motorists to limit their speed and prevent accidents on the highways. The basic working of this device depends on its capability to detect the presence of radar guns by identifying the electromagnetic signals by them to measure the speed of an approaching vehicle.


In the USA many states consider it illegal to use the radar detectors, because motorists use this gadget for avoiding traffic tickets. Some USA states like Illinois, New York, and New Jersey allow the use of radar detectors in private vehicles. So, if federal law enforcement in your area allows the use of radar detectors, then here are some tips for buying a radar detector.

Range of detection

If the radar detection range is very less, then there is no use of spending your hard earned money on this gadget. Get a radar detector that detects the presence of a radar gun at a distance of 500 meters before. Anything less than that may not allow you to slow down and you will be caught and ticketed.


Detectable frequencies 

You must ensure that the radar detector you are purchasing is up-to-date as far as the range of frequencies it detect is concerned. The radar guns are being upgraded to use new frequencies, which are still not identified by the radar detectors. So, make sure that your radar detector is not an antique piece in front of the latest gadgets of well-equipped traffic cops.

False alarm proof

A radar detector is a frequency identifying gadget. It may not be able to differentiate between a signal from a radar detector, a vehicle, amateur radio or a nearby automated garage. If it does not differentiate between these signals from various sources then you may get false alarms. Try to get enough details about the gadget on this concern before you buy it.


Easy to install

Get a model suitable to the vehicle you drive. A bike radar detector is different in construction and installation than a car radar detector.


GPS Enabled

If you pay a little more attention and get a GPS enabled radar detector then it will be a great relief. In such radar detectors, you will be able to save the coordinates of those locations where you get false alarms. Your radar detector will ignore such locations next time you pass from these locations. You can also save the coordinates where the traffic cops set up their radar guns.

These are a few tips to make the most while purchasing a radar detector. Hope you get a gadget that saves a lot for you on traffic tickets.

Are camcorders still useful? I say yes

Yes, you read it right. I still believe camcorders are useful. Let me try to prove my point here. It is true that camcorders have lost their huge market share to Smartphones and high-end digital cameras. But, in view, they still hold an upper hand as far as the quality of the videos is concerned.


With the recent invention of 4K, camcorders are trying to come back with a bang. You can get the sharpest quality videos using 4K camcorders. No Smartphone is able to provide you with such video clarity. The quality of video shot using 4K camcorders is incredible.

One of the greatest advantage I feel when using a camcorder with 4K revolution is that it has the ability to crop the frame without compromising on quality or clarity. I was able to add zoom, tilts, and pan by simply changing the position of the cropping. I was able to make my videos look as if they were taken work of a  professional cinematographer.

I always believed that the quality of videos a camcorder can deliver when compared to Smartphones and digital cameras is high. DSLR has shutter problems that can make your video look awful when there is too much of panning involved. In my opinion, high-end camcorders are capable of recording high-quality videos better than any other DLSR can do right now. As I have been using both camcorders and Smartphones for taking video, I am of the view that camcorders have more options to record videos compared to Smartphones. If, however you’d rather spend your money on a smartphone with a great camera, you should check out this guide.


For those who care about the quality of the audio when recording videos, the audio quality you will get using camcorders is higher when compared to the audio quality available in Smartphones and DLSRs. My camcorder has a built-in stereo microphone that helps in recording quality audio.

If you are passionate about shooting like a documentary, a short film, or an interview, camcorders will give you better quality in your video assignments. The auto-focus option of the camcorder helps to shoot videos especially when it is moving the frame. Also, the ability to handle auto exposure is an advantage I have noticed in a camcorder.

Last but not the least, why I still believe camcorders are here to stay, is because of its whopping memory. We have camcorders from Sony that offer 220 GB internal hard drive for recording high-quality videos. No Smartphone or DSLR as of today can beat that. So, if you ask me are camcorders still useful? My answer would be “Yes”.

How to choose a good GPS navigator

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the way technology is helping us in doing our simplest tasks. Now take the case of a GPS navigator. It is a blessing for the forgetful people like me, for whom remembering roads and streets is like memorizing history lessons. Whenever I used to sense a road trip being planned, I tried my best to let someone else to drive the car. Of course this happened only when the trip was destined to new places.


But recently I purchased and installed a GPS navigator. Now I am the one who leaps on the smallest possibility of a travel plan and volunteer to drive all the way. I love the way I am guided by my recent purchase. Let me share the features of a good GPS navigator, to help you in getting one for you.


Navigation accuracy

Navigation is the primary task expected from a GPS navigator. So this is the first thing to check. I agree that the accuracy cannot be guaranteed 100%, but you can get an idea about the accuracy from the feedback and reviews of the other customers. Checking such details for a model of your choice online will give you a fair idea of what you are getting. If the features match your need, place the order right away!

Operationally Simple

raft5A complicated GPS unit will spoil all the fun you are expecting from a trip. Keep it simple is the key to a great excursion. An easy to use GPS system will let you install it quickly without hassles and set up your preferences for driving directions.

Clarity of voice instructions

If you hear an audible and pleasant voice that guides you with directions while you concentrate on the road, is a great help. You don’t have to keep looking on the GPS screen to know if you are going in right direction.

Updated maps

Maps are the backbone of a good GPS system. But the streets or roads change with the passage of time. Your GPS must have the facility to update the maps so that you won’t get lost in a new city.

Real-time traffic information

Your fun trips must not be spoiled by travel hiccups like busy streets, traffic jams, road closed for maintenance or a low over bridge. The GPS system you purchase after spending a good amount of money should have the capability to provide real-time information about the traffic ahead or other roadblocks.

So, consider these tips before you buy a GPS system and have great trips ahead!