How to choose a good GPS navigator

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the way technology is helping us in doing our simplest tasks. Now take the case of a GPS navigator. It is a blessing for the forgetful people like me, for whom remembering roads and streets is like memorizing history lessons. Whenever I used to sense a road trip being planned, I tried my best to let someone else to drive the car. Of course this happened only when the trip was destined to new places.


But recently I purchased and installed a GPS navigator. Now I am the one who leaps on the smallest possibility of a travel plan and volunteer to drive all the way. I love the way I am guided by my recent purchase. Let me share the features of a good GPS navigator, to help you in getting one for you.


Navigation accuracy

Navigation is the primary task expected from a GPS navigator. So this is the first thing to check. I agree that the accuracy cannot be guaranteed 100%, but you can get an idea about the accuracy from the feedback and reviews of the other customers. Checking such details for a model of your choice online will give you a fair idea of what you are getting. If the features match your need, place the order right away!

Operationally Simple

raft5A complicated GPS unit will spoil all the fun you are expecting from a trip. Keep it simple is the key to a great excursion. An easy to use GPS system will let you install it quickly without hassles and set up your preferences for driving directions.

Clarity of voice instructions

If you hear an audible and pleasant voice that guides you with directions while you concentrate on the road, is a great help. You don’t have to keep looking on the GPS screen to know if you are going in right direction.

Updated maps

Maps are the backbone of a good GPS system. But the streets or roads change with the passage of time. Your GPS must have the facility to update the maps so that you won’t get lost in a new city.

Real-time traffic information

Your fun trips must not be spoiled by travel hiccups like busy streets, traffic jams, road closed for maintenance or a low over bridge. The GPS system you purchase after spending a good amount of money should have the capability to provide real-time information about the traffic ahead or other roadblocks.

So, consider these tips before you buy a GPS system and have great trips ahead!