Finding the best car seat for your baby

After a baby arrives in your life, you find yourself busy with her in so many ways. Some are fun, but some are not so easy. Taking the baby for her routine checkups or vaccination are the difficult ones. On certain days you may find yourself alone and need to take the baby along either to get the grocery or getting an urgent task done.


A car seat is your savior here. With so many different styles and sizes available in car seats, getting a perfect and comfortable car seat can be overwhelming. You will get all the information here to make the best purchase possible.

Buy for the right age and weight

Among all the criteria of purchasing a car seat your baby’s age and weight are the most important ones. Getting a baby seat only by age or weight is not good enough, both are important. It is difficult to make a baby stay in her place, so get a car seat that holds her firmly considering her age and weight.


Direction of installation

Convertible car seats are also available according the direction of its installation. It can be backwards towards the seat or facing the front. If you are purchasing the car seat for a baby then the backward facing is a good option and for the toddlers or kids you can get a front facing seat.


Belts and straps

Babies are safe in a car seat because they are protected by the belt and the straps. So, an important point to consider is the quality of the belts, protective straps and the fasteners. Check carefully if the fasteners and straps are strong enough to bear a shock after a sudden brake or comfortable enough to let the baby be seated for long periods of time. The straps must not break or tear in case you have a collision.



Padding will define the comfort for the baby and its ability to handle the bumpy ride. If you are travelling through a rough patch of road. The straps should also be padded to make continuous sitting enjoyable.


Compatibility with your car

Getting a car seat just by friend’s suggestion or charming salesperson’s recommendation is not an intelligent decision. You have to practically check if the car seat is compatible with your car. It must be easy to install and take off. 

These are some of the points I consider important while purchasing a car seat. Other things like color and pattern can also be looked into to suit your taste.