My guide for getting a point and shoot camera

I am not a photographer and I do not have good photography skills. But I do love taking pictures when going out with my family and on special occasions at home. It was only recently when I decided to buy a point and shoot camera. Just like me, there will be a number of people who wish to buy a point and shoot camera that meets their requirements. So, I decided to prepare a guide that will help people like me to buy the right point and shoot camera.


The picture above features the Sony RX100, one of the most appreciated cameras.

When buying a point and shoot camera, you need to understand that there is more to a picture than a megapixel. Most people when buying a camera check for the megapixel count, but the truth that I discovered while doing my research is that more megapixels do not increase the quality of the picture.  The benefits of megapixels are seen only when we take large sized copies of pictures, which most of us never do.


Sensor size is more important than the megapixel metric. In most point and shoot cameras, the sensor size is smaller compared to D-SLR cameras.

raf7Another point I considered when buying my point and shoot camera is the focal length of the lens. Most of the time manufacturers use the zoom factor for marketing but never mention about the focal length of the lens. The value of the focal length means the field view that the camera can cover. You can get the high-end point and shoot camera that can cover between 28 and140mm, a normal point, and shoot camera covers 28mm. if you are ready to spend some more dollars, you can get cameras with a focal length up to 35mm promising better shooting experience.

Checking features and size is a good exercise. I always wanted a camera that is easy to carry around and can be held in one hand. But you should not go for a tiny camera. I find it really difficult to operate the tiny buttons and complicate to use. Depending on the size of your hand, you can decide the size.


Another important factor I looked for when I decided to purchase my point to shoot camera is the quality of the LCD monitor. In my view, it is one of the essential points to consider when buying a camera as we will be looking at the screen to frame and review the photo. Ability to take photos under less light is also something I considered when buying my point to shoot camera.

The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 and Canon Powershot SX530 HS are two good options that met my requirements and I decided to go for Sony Cyber-Shot as it is much easier to carry around compared to Canon.