Need some help finding a flat iron?

Straight and flowing hair is never out of fashion. The simple and elegant look of straight hair never fails a fashion diva. With straight and glossy hair you never have to try too hard to look awesome, because straight hair is the epitome of style. With straight hair you can pull along any kind of hairdo, gracefully.


But everyone is not blessed with natural great looking hair. For all those who feel less blessed due to their rough and damaged hair, we have the raf1flat iron. Anyone having curly or wavy hair can turn into a fashionista with a touch of this magical gadget. You use it by placing small sections of your combed between its heated plates, pressing tightly, and moving the tightly held iron up the hair length.

If you still have not met the dream woman that you truly are, then here are some tips to find this must have gadget in your vanity kit.

  • There are a number of materials used in making the hot plates of a flat iron but the most common ones are ceramic and metal. You must prefer a ceramic or ionic –ceramic plated one. It is less damaging to the texture of hair since it heats quickly and evenly to give you the desired heat setting.


  • You must have different temperature settings for straightening your hair. If you have thin or damaged hair, you will need low-temperature setting. But to manage a thick or coarse mane, you have to switch to a higher temperature. So get a flat iron that gives you the option to select temperature according to your hair.


  • The flat irons come with varied lengths of cable. Check how long cable is good for you.


  • Some flat irons come with additional attachments in the form of replaceable plates. These can be used to add a dramatic touch to your hair after straightening.


  • A flat iron has an added advantage if you get a coarse comb just on two long sides of the hot plates. These combs will help in making the straightening chore easier by detangling the hair while pressing.


  • You must check for a guarantee on these appliances and also check if you have a users’ manual. This is a sure way of ensuring the quality of your beauty appliance.

Getting a flat iron is not a herculean task. Just remember these tips and you can step out by making each day a great hair day.