My tips for buying a radar detector

A radar detector usage is one of the most debated questions all over the world. The reason is obvious. It opposes the law enforcement agencies or traffic control devices that force the speeding motorists to limit their speed and prevent accidents on the highways. The basic working of this device depends on its capability to detect the presence of radar guns by identifying the electromagnetic signals by them to measure the speed of an approaching vehicle.


In the USA many states consider it illegal to use the radar detectors, because motorists use this gadget for avoiding traffic tickets. Some USA states like Illinois, New York, and New Jersey allow the use of radar detectors in private vehicles. So, if federal law enforcement in your area allows the use of radar detectors, then here are some tips for buying a radar detector.

Range of detection

If the radar detection range is very less, then there is no use of spending your hard earned money on this gadget. Get a radar detector that detects the presence of a radar gun at a distance of 500 meters before. Anything less than that may not allow you to slow down and you will be caught and ticketed.


Detectable frequencies 

You must ensure that the radar detector you are purchasing is up-to-date as far as the range of frequencies it detect is concerned. The radar guns are being upgraded to use new frequencies, which are still not identified by the radar detectors. So, make sure that your radar detector is not an antique piece in front of the latest gadgets of well-equipped traffic cops.

False alarm proof

A radar detector is a frequency identifying gadget. It may not be able to differentiate between a signal from a radar detector, a vehicle, amateur radio or a nearby automated garage. If it does not differentiate between these signals from various sources then you may get false alarms. Try to get enough details about the gadget on this concern before you buy it.


Easy to install

Get a model suitable to the vehicle you drive. A bike radar detector is different in construction and installation than a car radar detector.


GPS Enabled

If you pay a little more attention and get a GPS enabled radar detector then it will be a great relief. In such radar detectors, you will be able to save the coordinates of those locations where you get false alarms. Your radar detector will ignore such locations next time you pass from these locations. You can also save the coordinates where the traffic cops set up their radar guns.

These are a few tips to make the most while purchasing a radar detector. Hope you get a gadget that saves a lot for you on traffic tickets.